Long-distance Removals

Express Removals offers long-distance removals between most of the major cities in South Africa.We move clients nationally, with trucks departing on a weekly basis.As always, you can expect prompt turnaround times in regards to quotes – with long-distance quotes taking up to three working days to generate from the date of the receipt of your request.Clients are asked to provide a full inventory list of goods that need to be transported, as quotes are calculated for long-distance moves based on cubic measurements. These need to be precise to ensure that the correct amount can be quoted, and so that the appropriate truck is allocated to the job.

When it comes to long-distance moves, delivery dates and times can only be estimated, so clients are advised to be flexible when it comes to the arrival date and time for receiving your goods.We offer stock-in-transit insurance cover on long-distance moves, as with local moves, pricing is available on request.For more information, or if you would like a quote on long-distance removals, contact Express Removals now – and remember to have and accurate inventory of your goods on hand.
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