Express Removals can provide a range of packaging materials at reasonable prices to cater for all of your moving requirements.

Clients are offered 10 FREE boxes on acceptance of a quote from us, which can be collected from our office.

The following supplies are available through Express Removals:

  • Boxes – 430 x 310 x 300 (Each) – Small
  • Boxes – 610 x 420 x 370 (Each) – Large

Our small boxes are suitable for heavier items like CD’s, Glassware etc and our Large boxes are suitable for lighter items like linen, clothing, toys etc

  • Bubble Wrap (10M x 1.2M)
  • Bubble Wrap (10M x 600mm)

We advise clients to bubble wrap their bulkier items in order to protect them from scratches and dust. Bubble wrap can also be used for protecting smaller, more delicate items that will be stored in boxes.

  • Clear Tape (50M)

Clear tape is stronger than brown tape and is better because it does not mark items. It can be used for building and closing boxes, as well as sealing bubble wrapped items and couch/mattress covers.

  • Tissue Paper (50 sheets)

Tissue paper is mostly used for protecting crockery and glass. Although more expensive than newspaper, the advantage of tissue paper is that it does not leave ink marks on your hands or items, and comes pre-cut (600mm x 400mm) in rolls of 50 sheets.

  • Couch / Mattress Covers (3M)

These are thick plastic tubes which are 3 meters in length and used to protect soft furnishing, such as mattresses and couches, from dust and dirt during moves or storage. Each tube can cover either: (1 x double/queen bed mattress); (2 x single bed mattresses); (1 x standard 2 or 3-seater couch); OR (2 x standard single couches).

Other items include:

  • Scissors
  • Box Cutters
  • Permanent Markers
  • Fragile Stickers
  • Green Bags
  • Numbering Stickers

For pricing, or to order supplies, be sure to contact a consultant at Express Removals now.

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